Linux Driver Series

I had wanted to understand how device drivers worked ever since I was in high school. As it turns out, device drivers are relatively easy to understand; it's just hard to find clear and precise explanations.

The goal of this video series is to assemble information from a lot of different places into one cohesive (and self-contained) tutorial. My target audience is at the high school level, but I do assume you understand C code and pointers.

Below you will find a list of my primary resources, and my plan for the different articles in this series.


I am not an authority on Linux. Although I make every attempt to ensure correct information, there can be errors. If you spot any mistakes, I really want to know about it!

Video Series

As I record these videos, I'll fill in the links. I also save all the transcripts to my website.


Although I said it was hard to find clear and precise explanations, don't get the wrong idea: there is a lot of documentation out there. The information in this series is 90% from the following books/websites, and about 10% is from my own experience.