My name is Marco Merlini. I'm from New Brunswick, Canada, and I currently live in Toronto.

As of January 3rd, 2020, I'm pursuing a Master's at the University of Toronto. My research goal is to develop better tools for debugging multi-FPGA projects. My expected graduation is in September 2020.


I made this site using Geany, my all-time favourite editor. I registered this domain via hover, and I'm using a VM instance on the Google Cloud Platform to host the page. The server is running Apache. I use SFTPDrive to edit the files from my home computer. I use the excellent tohtml.com to format code on the site.

The domain costs me about $20 (Canadian) per year. Google Cloud Platform claims that this VM is in the "always free" tier, but I don't really believe that. The normal cost for these sever resources (tiny CPU, 600ish MB of RAM, 10 GB persistent disk) would be about $5 (Canadian) per month.

This layout and some of the CSS/HTML is inspired by Fabien Sanglard's website. Otherwise, most of what I learned about HTML and CSS is from the excellent w3schools. I use tohtml.com to format the source code on the pages.

By the way, I eventually decided it was time to make this website because of two things: