Welcome to Marco's personal webpage

(This page is under construction)

April 20th, 2020

I am planning to graduate in a few months, so it is time to think seriously about what happens next. If you scroll down, you can easily notice that I haven't made many edits to this website since I first started it. (In my defense, I did work on it after January 3rd, but since I've been back to school I basically haven't touched anything).

The next big job is to create a sort of online résumé, with information about every job I've ever had and every interesting project I've ever done. I'll start adding the obvious things after I'm done my to-do list for today's thesis work, and slowly fill out more as time goes on and as I apply to more places.

January 3rd, 2020

Thanks for tuning in. I've finally settled on the page layout and colour scheme of the site, and now it's time to put in some actual content. The following is a list of things I plan to do next, roughly in the order I plan to do them:

When will this be done? Well, I expect I can finish the first two items by next week. Once I start writing articles and getting a feel for how much effort that takes, I'll put together a more formal schedule

Note: I realize very few people actually care about my publishing schedule, but this website was my New Year's Resolution; I want to break my usual pattern of dropping projects once the initial excitement calms down.